Welcome to Terry's Car Hire

Terry’s Car Hire is a friendly and professional British owned company, established in 1980. Throughout many years of service we have gained huge experience within the industry and combining our experience with feedback from our clients we are able to offer a first class service to visitors and residents in Mallorca. The vast majority of our first time clients hear about us through recommendations from other satisfied clients – some of which have been using our services for more than 10 years!

Here you can arrange your car hire through our easy to use web page however if you are uncomfortable arranging your car hire requirements via the internet or email please feel welcome to contact us via telephone and be attended by a member of our English speaking staff.

If you would like to ask us a question request information, if you would like to see the vehicle types and prices we offer see our price lists, if you can’t find or are unsure of the cost to hire a vehicle request a quote, if you would like to reserve a vehicle, click here and we will confirm to you the price and availability!